OMP Group strongly believes that protecting the environment is part of a company’s responsibility towards its customers and society. This is why it has always been attentive to the profitable use of resources, saving energy and using recycled materials in production.

For this reason, OMP is orienting its business model towards a conscious approach, seeking to ensure sustainable development in both processes and products. Thanks to defined and shared projects, the company is committed to ensuring social and economic well-being, without ever forgetting the health of the planet. 

In terms of energy sustainability, in 2023 OMP installed 1936 of solar panels equal to 3516 m2, covering the entire roof surface of the OMP Plastic Division, with a total area of 8,000 m2.

This increases the supply of electricity from renewable sources, which, thanks to the production capacity of 763 kWh, saves approximately 425 tonnes of Co2 per year; a significant reduction in harmful emissions into the atmosphere, for the protection of nature.

Certified materials


Second Life Plastic

OMP Group has chosen to use Recycled Post Consumer Plastic (PCR), which derives from the separate collection of urban waste,with the aim of creating products obtained from the valorisation of plastic waste, in a context of education and promotion of sustainability.

The choice of using PCR plastic fell on the three best-selling OMP community chair kits, KLC, WEB and RESTART, which will be produced in medium grey, a versatile and elegant colour able to be combined with any indoor / outdoor context.

In order to ensure the traceability of recycled materials from urban separate collection, and in order to make the artifacts recognizable in the context of green purchases, whether they are made by public administrations (GPP) or by individuals (citizens, companies, etc.), OMP has decided to work with the “Plastica Seconda Vita” (Second Life Plastic) label; it’s an Environmental Product Certification System dedicated to materials and artifacts produced in PCR, which certifies the traceability of the items supplied and demonstrates their recycled content.

The “Plastica Seconda Vita” (Second Life Plastic) brand is therefore a fundamental tool for the recognition of environmentally sustainable solutions.


PCR plastic content (recycled and deriving from urban post-consumption) minimum 30%, fireproof version


PCR plastic content (recycled and deriving from urban post-consumption) minimum 70%

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FSC Certification

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Certification of responsible forest management promoted by the Forest Stewardship Council®, which allows the forest manager to enhance the value of goods and services derived from the forest through the development of a certified supply chain in compliance with strict environmental, social and economic standards recognised internationally.

We carry out FSC certified production upon customer request.

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