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OMP Group: different realities and a common goal

The idea of ​​creating a single “big family” arises from the need to centralize all the commercial part while leaving each division its own field of action in the component market, which goes from the processing of plastic, metal and wood. .
This means being able to streamline and facilitate commercial procedures and, at the same time, be able to provide greater services for the customer.

An extensive and comprehensive product catalog is available for customers requiring standard products.
For those who need customized products, OMP Group has specific know-how and professionals able to satisfy the customer in every request, from the design phase to production.

Omp Group, as an additional service to the customer, provides useful marketing tools, from digital photos to technical drawings, up to the design of leaflets and brochures.

In order to strengthen its presence in the international market and to confirm the quality of its products, OMP Group has entered into new partnerships with important European, North American, Central American, South American and Middle Eastern groups.

The production is located in 3 production plants, all within a radius of 6 km from the main office, where plastic, steel and wood are produced.

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